Our number one goal is making certain our customers are completely satisfied when we leave their home or office.

Electricians in Scottsdale

Electrical Repair
Have one of our licensed electricians in Scottsdale AZ use their expertise to handle your electrical service needs- from replacing a switch to replacing your electric panel.

Ceiling Fan Services

Electrical Upgrade
Let our electricians install your new light fixtures and ceiling fans. Our electricians can install these even if no current wiring is in place. Update your lighting completely with new LED recessed cans or LED under cabinet lighting.

Commercial Lighting Services

Breaker Replacement
In 2013, over 10% of fatal residential fires were caused by an electrical malfunction. Does your home have smoke alarms? Do you know they need to be replaced every 10 years? Let our electricians inspect your home’s wiring to identify any issues and make sure your smoke alarms are up to date.

Commercial Electricians

Electric Panel Installation
We are a residential AND commercial electrical contractor. Our electricians have years of experience maintaining commercial buildings. We work with business owners to handle their electrical service needs and electrical TI needs.

Electrical Remodeling

electricians in scottsdale
The electrical system of most homes can’t meet today’s needs. Let us update your system by upgrading your electrical panel, adding those needed new electrical circuits, and bringing lighting into those dark spaces.

Electrical FAQ’s

Electrical Repair
Browse our blog posts to learn more about your electrical system and the electrical services that we provide for your residence and commercial space.

electricians in scottsdale

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